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Hot Shots - Junior Group Coaching

The team at Bayside Tennis Coaching make tennis fun and enjoyable for all, with classes catering for students from the age of 3 and up utilising the Tennis Australia Hot Shots Program. This program is a great way for kids to learn how to play tennis in a fun, interactive environment. Smaller courts, nets, racquets and low-compression balls make learning easy and allow younger players the chance to serve, rally and score right from the first time they play.

Children progress through five development stages (Tiny Tennis, Red Ball, Orange Ball, Green Ball and finally Yellow Ball). Ball compression and court size increase in line with players’ development. This gradual progression improves players’ skills and prepares them to play on a full-size court with a standard yellow tennis ball.

It is recommended that your child wears comfortable sports clothes, sports shoes, a hat, and brings a bottle of water with them.  If you don't have a tennis racquet, then we are able to provide your child with a loan racquet for their lesson at no extra charge.

ANZhot shots


BLUE STAGE (ages 3–5)

Discover Blue Stage Tennis Groups, a unique and innovative approach to tennis coaching that places a strong emphasis on developing fundamental motor skills through fun, creativity, and play. At Blue Stage, we go beyond conventional tennis training by nurturing not just tennis skills but also vital motor skills. Our programs are designed to make learning tennis an exciting journey, helping children improve their coordination, balance, and agility. Join us and explore a whole new way of tennis education, where we create a solid foundation for a lifelong passion for tennis and physical activity, all wrapped in an atmosphere of excitement. 

Time: 30 minute session

Number of students: maximum 5

Red Ball (ages 5–8)

Introducing the Red Ball stage, tailored for beginners and aspiring young tennis enthusiasts. In this stage, we utilize a specially designed red ball that is larger than a standard yellow tennis ball, and it bounces at just 25% compression, ensuring that even the youngest players can comfortably hit it. Our courts and nets in the Red Ball stage are adapted to be smaller, making it easier for kids to navigate and enjoy the game.

Within our Red Ball classes, we focus on discovering and developing tennis-specific skills. This stage offers young players an introduction to specific tennis strokes, basic strategies, and the art of rallying. It's the perfect starting point for kids to build a strong foundation in tennis, all while having a ton of fun along the way. Join us on this exciting tennis journey, where we make learning the sport accessible, engaging, and tailored to young athletes at the beginning of their tennis adventure

Time: 1 hour session

Number of students: maximum 8

Orange Ball (ages 8–10)

Orange Ball: The Next Level! After mastering the Red Ball stage, children progress to the Orange Ball stage. Here, the ball bounces higher (50% compression) on a slightly larger court. It's all about exploring and developing more complex tennis-specific skills, along with advanced game-related strategies. Join us as we take your young players to the next level of their tennis journey!

Time: 1 hour session

Number of students: maximum 8

Green Ball (ages 9+)

Masters of the Game! In the Green Ball stage, young players take their skills to the next level. They refine more complex tennis-specific skills and game-related strategies while completing the transition to full-court tennis. The ball used in this stage has a higher compression (75% of a yellow tennis ball), and children play on a full-size court. 

Time: 1 hour session

Number of students: maximum 8

Yellow Ball (ages 11+)

At the Yellow Ball level, we transition to standard tennis balls, and juniors play on full-size courts just like the pros. This stage is designed for those seeking to start and have fun on the court or advanced juniors looking to elevate their game. Join us as we take the next step towards tennis excellence!

Time: 1 hour session

Number of students: maximum 8


Racquet – If you don’t have one, no worries, let us know and one can be provided

Wear runners and comfortable sports clothes

Wear a hat and sunscreen

Bring a water bottle


Our Guarantee to you


Bayside Tennis Coaching bases our classes on the event that we will have 1 rain day per term. eg, if there are 10 weeks in a term, we guarantee 9 sessions of coaching. If there is more than one 'rain day' in the term, you will be entitled to a make-up lesson. We will try our hardest to organise a lesson that suits you. All tiny Tennis lessons are moved inside in the event of wet weather. Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts.

If you are sick or cannot make your lesson for any reason we do ask that you call the Pro Shop at least two hours before your lesson time - if you do let us know we are more than happy to offer you a make-up lesson during the term.  Unfortunately, we do not discount term fees for missed lessons. 

Due to the high demand for group coaching lessons, spots very quickly become limited. We want to ensure fairness and equal access to our coaching programs. If fees have not been paid & 3 consecutive classes are missed with notice not being given for the absence, the security of that spot will be forfeited.