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Cardio Tennis

Do you have what it takes?!

Cardio Tennis is Tennis Australia's group tennis and fitness class where the emphasis is less on tennis technique and more on getting a great cardio workout.  It therefore makes it perfect for people of any age or skill level. While Cardio Tennis still incorporates many tennis drills and activities, it's the combination of these drills with cardio bursts and aerobic exercise that gives participants a fantastic all-round cardio workout.

With 4 sessions a week, the team at Bayside Tennis Coaching will get you sweating with the high-energy music and a fun and friendly environment suitable to any fitness level.

Cardio Tennis is truly the next big thing in group fitness and is sure to be just as rewarding as, and much more enjoyable than, a regular gym workout. Sessions run in nine week blocks (based on school terms) for one hour each week.

We currently hold Cardio Tennis classes on:

  • Monday morning - 9:00am
  • Wednesday evening - 7:00pm


Fit bit cardio tennis


PLAY YOUR WAY TO FIT - Cardio Tennis is no longer just about playing tennis, it's so much more than that! It's about your Physical health or fitness, having fun & enjoyment, meeting new people and building social connections & supporting your mental health with exercise and interaction. 

There are now 4 different types of Cardio Tennis for you to enjoy! 

Cardio Lite is a new low-intensity session that is designed for people who would love to get into tennis. This session is designed to get people active and learn tennis in a relaxed environment.  
Our Cardio Play is designed as a point play session. If has a large focus on rallies and competitive team games. These sessions are perfect for people who love to play points! 
Cardio Classic is a session perfect for people who love working up a sweat! These sessions are balanced session that includes drills and play in a high-energy environment. 
Our Cardio Max sessions are high-intensity sessions with a focus on a high volume of hitting. These sessions are perfect for those who want to push their limits!