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Careers in Tennis with Bayside Tennis Coaching

When it comes to tennis, the spotlight often shines brightly on the players who dazzle us with their skills on the court. However, the world of tennis encompasses so much more than just those who play. At Bayside Tennis Coaching, we're proud to offer a range of exciting career opportunities that go beyond playing, allowing individuals to contribute to the sport in meaningful and impactful ways.


Mentoring: Junior Mentor Program

Our commitment to building a strong tennis community starts with our Junior Mentor Program. This unique initiative provides an incredible opportunity for our older junior players to take on a mentoring role, guiding and inspiring our younger players. Through on-court match play, these experienced players impart their knowledge, helping younger ones understand the rules, embrace sportsmanship, and cultivate camaraderie across age groups. This not only fosters skill development but also nurtures a sense of belonging and community within our tennis family.


Turning a Passion into a Profession
Internal Scholarship Program


At Bayside Tennis Coaching, we believe that passion should be nurtured and transformed into a fulfilling career. Our Internal Scholarship Program offers players aged 15-18 a remarkable chance to transition from players to coaches. This program is designed to provide comprehensive support and a structured pathway for those who aspire to make their mark as coaches in the world of tennis.


The perks of our Internal Scholarship Program include:

Hands-on Experience: Our scholars get practical, real-world coaching experience, putting theory into practice on the court.

Shadowing and Mentorship: Learning from seasoned professionals is invaluable. Our scholars are provided with access to mentors who guide them through their coaching journey, offering insights and advice.

Career Development: This program isn't just about coaching skills. We equip our scholars with the tools they need for a successful coaching career.

Paid Coaching Hours: Yes, you read that right. Our scholars earn while they learn, gaining financial independence while doing what they love.

Access to Accredited Courses: Our scholars have access to industry-standard coaching courses, including offerings from Tennis Australia and Tennis Queensland. From the Community Coaching Course to the Junior Development Course, we ensure they have the knowledge they need.

Involvement in Initiatives: Our scholars become part of something bigger. They participate in events like Girls Gala Day, special schools tournaments, and the United Cup, making a difference in the tennis community.

At Bayside Tennis Coaching, we're committed to not only nurturing exceptional tennis players but also cultivating dedicated coaches who will shape the future of the sport. Our Junior Mentor Program and Internal Scholarship Program reflect our dedication to creating a well-rounded tennis community where every individual's passion and potential can thrive.